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Would this outift look cute? *10 points for most helpful answer*?

Since tommorow is the first day back from school since like a week i wanted to look cute! There was a gingantic snow shower on friday so there%26#039;s lots of snow! I%26#039;m 5%26#039;1, asian, and 13 years old! My style is preppy! Thanx for anyone who helps! I was thinking of wearing an outfit that consisted of:

a black cashmere turtle neck with a red and gray argyle print on the front + it was 20 dollars at kohls!! =)

And for a choice of a bottom:

Gray pacsun skinny jeans

Black Leggings

Heather Gray Leggings

or The same shade of gray as the argyle print on the Sweater


Black wedge faux fur boots



A long gold chain

a Thin Red, gray and navy scarf

Tons of rings


** YOu can choose 1 or more!!!***

Thanx so much for helping me!! I would of put pictures up but... i was too lazy hehe =) Remember 10 points for the most helpful answer!! Feel free to give me other pointers and tips or change the shoes etc. Thank you!!! =D

Would this outift look cute? *10 points for most helpful answer*?

That sounds really cute! But I would wear a cami underneath or a teeshirt, because cashmere can be pretty itchy. Plus I would make sure that your school doesn%26#039;t have the heat up too high or you%26#039;ll roast in cashmere. :)


I would wear he gray heather leggings, because black is soo boring and way too worn. Also Skinny jeans are so popular you%26#039;ll stand out, and if it%26#039;s the same color as the sweater your outfit will blend too much. The gray leggings will give a little contrast, which is always good.


Plus the gray and the black of your shoes will match nicely too! The faux fur will look cool too. I dunno fur always makes things cuter.


For accesories I would choose a long gold chain because it will look nice with the turtle neck. I think that%26#039;s all you need because bangles will look weird if this sweater is long sleeved and the scarf will distrct people from your necklace. If you want you could wear the rings I would wear one or two but your outfit really doesn%26#039;t need it. It%26#039;s way cute with just one accesory!
Reply:i would think that you should wear the sweater with the leggings that are the same color and then change the shoes to just plain flats wear the long gold chain and the bangles. and you will be the best looking girl there ;]

hope it helpss =]
Reply:Omg. You sound like my friend! Lol. She%26#039;s just like you.

But anyways, I think it%26#039;d be cute. If you sound like my friend, I could picture it on her...It%26#039;d look cute on her so deff. cute on you :D Also, wear skinny jeans and no accesories.

That sounds so chill.

Did you ask just to boast.


Anyways. I would go with the faux fur boots

Wedges aren%26#039;t so great for the cold.

And I would go with the bangles those are cuyuteee.
Reply:i think you should wear that shirt with

skinny jeans

black wedge faux fur boots

long gold chain


rings - not a lot though at most 3 but its you not me

so if you really want to wear more than go for it

hope i helped
Reply:the top with skinny jeans the boots bangles and the long gold chain. defiantly.
Reply:I think the gray leggings same as sweater with the black boots, gold chain, rings and bangles. You%26#039;ll be stylin!
Reply:gray skinny jeans

thin scarf

and 2 rings

i am the most helpful

Reply:the cashmere turtle neck and the skinny jeans would look

good together. and chyeahh that black wedge faux fur boots would look sick nasty, and prob bangles, that would be

a really good look for a back to school outfit...

goooood luckkk (:
Reply:wear skinny jeans, and for an accessory wear scarf and bangles and that is good
Reply:You should use Skinny jean cause they are very cute and cause black legging would be to much black and not gray cause ur outfit doesnt have gray in it and it is good to use 2 colors (or three), I think you should use Tons of rings cause that is funn (and formal like preppy for you), Thank you for being lazy , lol i like to do things based on the words that decribe it!!! hope this helps...
Reply:the sweater sounds great, id go with the gray skinnies, and then the scarf. im not so sure about the fur boots though, maybe wear them to walk to school or w.e but change into a pair of flats for in actual school

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