Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Know about any cute boots besides uggs???

i like boots with a lil fur and NOT a big heel. im a junior. can u give me links???

no uggs or aeropostale

Know about any cute boots besides uggs???
try this site, they have a selection...


this one can get a little expensive, but they have the cutest shoes.


or this site, not really on the expensive side. but they have cute shoes also.

Reply:As a junior you should have a more grown up style. Branch out into leather riding boots.

A cheap beginning pair can be found on target.com
Reply:i just got a reallyyy cute pair of boots from Marshalls... they are roxy boots-- i love them i cant find a picture though

sugar boots are cute too
Reply:you should definitely try kitson! they have the cutest boots with all kinds of designs on them!!!!!! GOOD LUCK!

Since you are a junior, you probably don%26#039;t shop at limited two anymore, but these boots seemed to fit your description. They are kind of expensive though - 50 dollars. They have more boots with fur on their site. Good luck!
Reply:Knee-high, suede, fringed moccasin boots, the kind you see on Kate Moss
Reply:Steve Madden they have really cute boots

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