Monday, April 20, 2009

Is this OUT?

Are fur boots over jeans or skinny jeans out now? I still really love the look.

Is this OUT?
not at all, i went to fashion week in new york and attended the michael coores show, ugh it was great, but it is still the way to go, they did alot with fur and madres is gonna be huge this year, try to mix it up a bit and also the big sweater dress is in again, gotta love it
Reply:Fur boots are still in.

However, pointed toe boots and shoes are so out the stlye now is round toe . Which I thinnk is great it makes your feet look smaller and you dont have to order a size up to wear the shoes. Plaid and the color navy is also in as well and wool has come back har. I live in NYC and I know this very well trust me on this one. Skinny jeans are new they are going to be here for awhile...
Reply:I love it too. its a cool fall look. WEAR IT!!!!
Reply:be who you you really are dont go with what everybody else wears! JUST BE YOU!!!
Reply:wear whatever you want. you shouldn%26#039;t worry about things like that so much. if it%26#039;s what you like....then sport it!!!!!
Reply:Out or not they look bad. They were never in for me. But if you love the look go for it, why does it matter so much if they%26#039;re out now?
Reply:I like it, and since skinny jeans are coming back %26quot;in%26quot;...go ahead.
Reply:Naw, you should be able to wear that look any time because its cute. I noticed styles from the 80%26#039;s is back in this year. Except for the hair, thank God!
Reply:yeah i think it is out........... sorry
Reply:as far as I have seen yes. But if you like that look then wear it. that is how fads come and go
Reply:No, besides anything you would wear should be in, you girls is trend setters. you want to be my friend? I%26#039;ll wear them boots with jeans for that.
Reply:You seem like a cool person to talk to;) hope to hear from u
Reply:This will be something that makes you unique. Strut your stuff, and enjoy.

Rum Shots to ya!
Reply:who cares if it is out! if you like it then wear it.
Reply:Um, I%26#039;ve no idea. If you like the look, wear it. In or out, why should you let popular ideas dictate your wardrobe?
Reply:I think that being too stylish is out, and being yourself is IN.

do what works for you.
Reply:here in new mexico it was out liike a while ago but retor is in and they are retro so the are in again. i love them too.


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