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WHY do people not understand that the makers of Uggs DO NOT kill sheep to make their boots???

everyone says %26quot;omg, they kill sheep to make their boots!%26quot;

if you had common sense you%26#039;d know that sheep are sheared ANYWAYS so the fur would get cut off no matter what.

sheep shearing HELPS the sheep in the heat and they do NOT kill them.

if you wanna disagree go ahead if you want.

its common sense people!!!!

WHY do people not understand that the makers of Uggs DO NOT kill sheep to make their boots???
You%26#039;re absolutely right. The makers of UGGs don%26#039;t kill sheep to make their boots. They use sheep that have already been butchered for meat.
Reply:Hm..where to begin?

Do you still possess your Ugg boot box? If you do, or even if you go to their website, it will say %26quot;Made of 100% sheepskin.%26quot; Hence the SKIN part. They rip off the skin along with the fur. I wouldn%26#039;t want to wear dead sheep on my feet, but do whatever makes you happiest. Report It

Reply:stupid hor!! ****** wat if someone killed u for boots!! Report It

Reply:they%26#039;re made from real sheepskin. It seems like you are naive enough to think the boots%26#039; woolly lining is attached to a synthetic backing. In fact, the boots are made from sheepskin with the fur intact. They are not shaved kindly they are skinned alive. For those ugly boots. Learn your facts before you start saying **** like you are now.,,...

Oh and suede is animal skin by the way..therefore an animal is still dying for the boots. The shoes are pretty much all animal except for the soles.


The more people who want uggs, the more popular they get, the more sheep they are going to kill. Sure they might eat the sheep but less sheep would be killed if people didn%26#039;t want the consumer products that go along with killing a sheep. %26amp;%26amp; in your question you stated that they help the sheep you are just changing your question around to make yourself sound correct. you are wrong. uggs are made from sheepskin and thats the truth. Sheep are killed to make uggs, uggs are made from skin %26amp; there wool %26amp; It does not help them. That is the truth there is nothing to agree or disagree with.
Reply:I%26#039;ve NEVER heard ANYONE say that.

I just hear everyone saying they%26#039;re ugly. (( I think they%26#039;re ugly if you pair them up with something that totally defeats the purpose of boots. ))
Reply:Wool lambs have their tails chopped, their ears pierced, and their balls cut off without anesthetic. To avoid losing any wool, sheep are sheared before they would naturally shed, so many do die every year from exposure. Being held down for shearing is stressful too.

Not to mention that the sheep are drugged to grow so much fur that they HAVE to be sheared or else they would die of overheating or would just cripple under their own weight.
Reply:And, this is coming from the people who don%26#039;t care if they chow down a couple or pork chops or roast beef because it%26#039;s basically the same principals. Guess what people, animals die in this world. That%26#039;s why burger king and McDonald%26#039;s exist. It%26#039;s just a fact of life!

PS It%26#039;s not sheepskin on the outside, it%26#039;s suede.
Reply:lol its sheep skin to!...some people just dont like to wear dead animal skin...
Reply:Uhm. If thats so. What is the material made out of (the soft felty stuff on the outside)?

Its suede...

Suede leather is made from the inner splits of a side of leather, usually cow, although doe suede and sheep suede are available.
Reply:True, the inside may be wool that is sheared off anyway, but the felty outside is sheepskin or suede. Unfortunately the animal does have to be killed to get its skin.
Reply:daisycheekz - that doesnt make it any better. suede is still a type of skin from an animal, whether its sheep or cow.

and no, to make the actual fur they do not need kill the sheep, but they probably do to make the outside

but that doesnt change the fact that theyre butt uggly. [:
Reply:i know!! And they DONT use sheepskin they use SEUDE! on the outside!!!
Reply:Actually the animals ARE killed. The material on the outside is sheepskin. On the inside it%26#039;s wool.

The difference is, they are not killed to make Uggs. They are killed for food, and the skin and wool from the dead animals is used.

It is NOT suede on the outside. Ugg Australia, and Australian Uggs use SHEEPSKIN. Hence the name SHEEPSKIN BOOT.
Reply:not to make you sound ignorant but uggs are made from leather and suede. do you know where that comes from? animals.. lol read up before you start posting fictional information.
Reply:lizs, calm down. The reason why has nothing to do with the inside of the boots, as people know abut shearing sheep. It is the outside! take a pill. Talk about where the suede came from.
Reply:i totally agree with you! its sooo annoying when people think that! They are soo stupid! its common sense! They say that they care about sheep and they dont know anything about them like that it helps them in the summer!

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