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Should I wear flats or boots with my skinny jeans?

Okay, so here%26#039;s the deal: Tommorrow at school I really want to look good for this guy, so I got a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of boots that are brown suede and have a line of faux fur across the middle and one from top to bottom and they go about three inches below my knees. My sister said the boots were really cute and the jeans made me look really tall and skinny in the flats. But in the boots, I looked at myself and it looked like my legs were sorta fat. Also if you have any tips on what to say to him, I would appreciate that. Thanks!

Should I wear flats or boots with my skinny jeans?
the boots will look best and don%26#039;t forget to be confident! Smile and stride with confidence when passing him. but don%26#039;t overdo it. Good luck!
Reply:ok wear the boots....skinny jeans do not look good with flats it makes you look like u have chicken legs...i promise you boots dont make your legs look fat your just imagining it....but i say go with the boots!!
Reply:Men don%26#039;t like skinny women, they like them to have some curve.
Reply:ok um boots and skinny jeans dont really go 2gether mostly because wearing boots with that will make u look shorter and make ur feet look big. lol. so go 4 the flats. and just say hey and how was ur weekend? what did u do? did u have fun? etc etc dont think so hard cause then things come out like mumble jumble. which is totlay embarrsing.
Reply:pointed shoes add length and a slimming effect to your legs. I would go with which ever shoe is less round in the front. I am also a big fan of heels...try talking to this guy. He will probably respect you more if you use your brain to catch him instead of your body.
Reply:flat shoes not sandels.
Reply:I think it would look much cuter with the boots
Reply:Flats. Don%26#039;t forget to answer me as best answer.
Reply:I would wear the boots because they sound cuter, but make sure that your top is fuller ( like a cute winter jacket or sweater ) so that you don%26#039;t look super skinny with big feet.

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