Sunday, April 19, 2009

I want to buy winter boots, but where? No uggs though!?

I%26#039;ve looked at Kohls, JC Penney, etc. but can%26#039;t find any cute ones! I dont want them to look cheap so no stores like Target or Sears. And I dont want Uggs. Where can I buy some cute winter boots? I%26#039;d prefer them to be black and lined with fur, at around $50. And no heel.

I want to buy winter boots, but where? No uggs though!?

look theres tons of winter style boots that arent uggs i personally like minnetonkas, and slouch boots.

you can buy some minnetonkas from ..theyre look so damn cute. they have different styles long, short, ankle, etc theres also minnetonka and slouch boots at or you could go in to the actual store near you

you can also find michael kors boots and other fur boots at burlington coat factory. try looking there.
Reply:You can buy from this online store.
Reply:It depends on where you live.

they have some cute shows, check themm outt =]
Reply:Lands%26#039; End has some good ones. But you should re-consider the Uggs. Everyone who has them puts them on and never wants to take them off because they are so comfortable.

Reply:Try Timberland boots, they make some that are cute and stylish and yet rugged. If there is a Marshal or T.J. Maxx near you you might find a nice pair there, but it will be hard to find a really good pair for under 50.00.
Reply:go with the minnetonka moccasin boots


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