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Ugg boots help!! 10 points for best answer!?

ok, my dad%26#039;s in australia right now for his buisness trip and hes getting me ugg boots. but i dont know which ones to pick! should i pick the medium classic ones, or should i get the tall ones so i can flip it over?




Ugg boots help!! 10 points for best answer!?
Definitely the tall ones, that look never seems to die out and plus you can wear them two different ways. You can get more style out of them for your buck :)
Reply:get the tall one all the way i have the sort ones and i hate them

get black because it matches with everything
Reply:The boots will arrive with you just in time for summer (Oh, goodie) , and you%26#039;ll wear out those silly spongy soles in time for the autumn and thus make them totally useless for the winter.

Anyway, they are useless for the wet in winter as they act like sponges and %26#039;soak up%26#039; water while you walk [ and then again, just Great for keep the streets dry though ].

Reply:Yeah,I think I%26#039;d get the tall ones,so you can flip it and show the fur.
Reply:medium, the tall ones are out of style.

no one wears them flipped out anymore

Reply:Definatly go with the tall ones because it lets you create different looks if you want to for different things you wear. You get more for your money. They%26#039;re very cute by the way!
Reply:get the tall, but don%26#039;t flip them over, I have the mediums, but i wish that I got the talls, they are cute
Reply:Tall that%26#039;s a really good idea fliping the long ones over I never thought about that! you should get the long ones so you could add your own twist to them and then they wouln%26#039;t be so basic! who knows maybe you will start a new trend!!!
Reply:well more people have the medium ones and I think there more in stlye : )

I have the medium ones i love love loveee them !

and im pretty sure they%26#039;re cheaper.

Go for the medium ones but hey it%26#039;s all up to you right : _

Reply:tall...bur personally uggs look ugly
Reply:i think u shuld pick the tall once cuz i just think they look better plus keeps warmer than the short once !
Reply:Well for the talls, if you want them just to flip them over, there are different ones, the normal fleece lined, and then ones meant to be turned over which has a different lining....

i say stick with the classic mediums, maybe in black or chesnut. chesnut was popular a couple years ago, black was really popular this past winter, who knows what will be the cool ugg color next winter, haha. black seems to go with more though, so stick with the medium height, i bet your dad would be too confused to pick the talls with the right linings, etc. try on an ugg so he knows what size to get too, they run really big! =)
Reply:tall ones then flip it over or keep it cuz it look hott and the celeberties are doin it!
Reply:i personally like the medium ones ,

but if you want to be able to flip down the fur

then go for the tall ones :]
Reply:Definately the tall Uggs. They are definately the more popular type this season. I love mine!!!

Reply:i would def get medium i think tall looks a bit tacky if you flip them overr=]
Reply:medium =]
Reply:get the medium ones.. you can still flip them over.. but when you do i find it looks tacky.. get the medium ones in chocolate brown or the dark tan : )
Reply:def tall. i have a pair and im so glad i got them there are so many ways you can wear them too. so get the TALL ones :) what color are you getting?

but dont flip it over

it looks good just normal :)
Reply:Tall =]
Reply:I have the chocolate originals! The tall ones are a bit too tall and the way girls flip them over, in my opinion, looks a bit wierd. Just get the original height and then the color you want. I%26#039;ve seen pink, blue, chocolate, caramel, and even PURPLE with turquoise stripes! and some that looked like it was covered in paint! Just pick what you like!
Reply:I%26#039;d go with the Tall Chestnut UGGS. I have them, an I can say from experience that they match with almost everything in my wardrobe, as well as many things in my friends wardrobes, and foldover fur is a great in contrast to the Chestnut color as the fur inside is white. Amazing, I love them! Good luck!!
Reply:well if you get the tall ones then when you flip them over they will be as short as the mediums probabyl

but if its not really cold where you live you can also get the medium ones

but if your dad can just get both of them then get both but in a different color
Reply:definately tall.

they look way better

and if you are in the mood for having medium then you can just roll it over so the fur shows
Reply:I have the blakc and the chocolate in tall and I love them!!! Go with the tall for sure. Im not a fan of the shorts. The chocolates my fave!!!

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