Monday, April 20, 2009

Can you tell me who made this song?

The words go like this she turned around and slapped that big behind. she wore apple bottom jeans with fur boots.

Can you tell me who made this song?
the song is called%26quot;low%26quot; but i forgot the artist
Reply:Low by Flo rida featuring T pain!
Reply:T-Pain and Flo-rida. Its called Low.
Reply:T- Pain Ft.Flo Rida - Low [apple Bottom Jeans]
Reply:what the hell .. haha

sounds like a comedy song to me haha.. i cant stop laughing

sorry cant help you there with the title or artist.
Reply:Flo Rida (ft. T-Pain) - Low

I just really hope that people don%26#039;t still wear Reeboks, with the straps. LOL.
Reply:Yes rthe maini chorus goes

she wore apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur

When she hit the club floor every one was lookin%26#039; at her

She hit the floor

She hit the floor

Next thing you know shorty go low low low
Reply:Havent a clue! ]:

try azlyrics! [:

Reply:low by flo rida

skin spots

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