Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm a vegetarian that's in highschool... what shoes do I wear?

I%26#039;m in highschool, and I would usually wear Uggs but I have been thinking more and more lately and it%26#039;s killing animals just as much as it is as when I eat meat. So, do you have any suggestions? I need a good pair of shoes I can wear often without having my feet go too cold! So I don%26#039;t want to wear flats everyday to school... and wearing heals is a bit abnormal for freshmen like myself.

I was thinking a white pair of tennishoes, or something like that.

Do you know if Uggs make faux fur boots?????

Thanks :)

I%26#039;m a vegetarian that%26#039;s in highschool... what shoes do I wear?
you are starting to lean toward vegan. I suggest buying synthetic shoes.
Reply:get some jordans that are green
Reply:I have a new vegetarian diet where i only eat animals that were fed vegetables.
Reply:vegan shoes from vans :]
Reply:buy some toms.

every pair you buy, another pair is sent to a child in need.
Reply:get some fake uggs at charlotte russe, they look exactly the same.

or i suggest getting some clogs?

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  1. In reference to your question about uggs, here's the truth: In Australia, where more than 50 percent of the world's wool originates, lambs are forced to endure a gruesome procedure called "mulesing," in which huge chunks of skin and flesh are cut from the animals' backsides, often without any painkillers. The only way to truly be 100% against animal cruelty is by adopting a vegan lifestyle. You may want to look into a cruelty-free vegan diet, as even VEAL is simply a by-product of the dairy industry. If you boycott one (veal) then you'd have to boycott the other, wouldn't you? I'd be happy to provide you with any info you might want. Aside from obvious benefits to animals, there are environmental & health benefits as well. Here are a couple links for more info about the wool situation:
    ALSO CHECK OUT: ***Hope you found this helpful!***