Monday, April 20, 2009

Everytime I wear flats my feet smell like nasty salomi. What can i do to stop my feet from smelling?

and why do my feet smell so bad. Its ONLY when i wear flats! they smell fine when i wear sneakers or fur boots but its only with flats!


Everytime I wear flats my feet smell like nasty salomi. What can i do to stop my feet from smelling?
Well to stop your feet from smelling like salomi maybe you should let your feet dry after applying lotion to prevent so sweating.
Reply:Put odor eaters in the shoes. I suspect that it is the material that the inner soles are made of. It probably doesn%26#039;t deal with moisture from the feet as well as other shoes (sneakers, etc.), and fungus may be growing in the shoes, making your feet smell. Odor eater insoles will help. But i wouldn%26#039;t use powder with flats. It will eventually make things rather icky if you do.
Reply:First of all, wear some socks. The sweat your feet makes build up inside and that smells just like crap. If this doesnt work and your feet still stinks, try some foot lotion/ointment/whatever that may work for you.
Reply:spray some deodorant in the shoes or wash
Reply:Are you wearing socks with flats? If not its probably the sweat building up inside the shoe... try putting some powder in the shoes and on your feet
Reply:Put a dryer sheet in your shoes if they don%26#039;t bother you. I don%26#039;t know what it does its my moms trick and it always works!
Reply:baby powder keeps your feet dry
Reply:Put powder in your shoes before hand. Are your flats pure leather or are they non breathing pleather or other man made material. You might also want to rub on some antiperspirant. It sounds like the shoes.
Reply:Wear socks and put a padding over the foot of the flats-- there is no air in the shoe when you wear it, which therefore, causes it to sweat and smell bad. Trust me, it works! I hope this helps :)
Reply:im guessing with flats you arent wearing socks, with sneakers and boots you are. Your feet sweat and the material the shoes are made of make them stink. You can get odor eaters inserts for the bottom of them, and foot powder that will make them less stinky, can you wash the shoes? Good luck


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