Sunday, April 19, 2009

What boots should I buy for winter?

Winter is about 10*F, worst case. I%26#039;m concerned about what height to get -fashion reasons-. I wear lots of leggings and skinny jeans, so I%26#039;d likely tuck my pants into the boot. I would prefer a flat heel, about mid to lower calf height, black.

Here%26#039;s the styles I was looking at:

This is the height I like best.

These are my favorite so far , but I wish they were taller and all black. I don%26#039;t really like the ones that are black with white soles.

Cute but probably not practical for winter.

If you know any better ones, send a link! It should be a cute and comfy pair. Something I can wear when I go out in winter, but also not have to worry about getting soaked when walking through small amounts of snow and water. A little fur is OK, but I don%26#039;t want to look like I just skinned an animal, turned it inside-out and tied it onto my feet

What boots should I buy for winter?

check out the rest of the solestruck site and piperlime as well =) you may find something i overlooked
Reply:how about uggs???
Reply:They will keep you warm, good on ice, and celebrity worn mukluk boots for winter
Reply:i like the first pair the best. i tend to buy masculine looking boots ( i%26#039;m a woman). i have %26quot;logging%26quot;boots, engineer boots and a pair of harness boots. all frye, and i got them at zappos!


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