Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Rat droppings in my boots! :(!!!?

I left my pair of favorite boots (suede, and fur? inside) in the garage for 6 months, wrapped in plastic bag, and when i took them out to wear them this winter, ifound rat droppings in them?!!! theres about like 5 in each boot, so i freaked out.

i got over the fact that the mice(rats? whatevr) were living in my boots or at least visited them thinking it was their bathroom,

how should i wash them? i am SOOO scared of rats :( (and their poop)

Rat droppings in my boots! :(!!!?
Rat poo never killed anyone, they are tiny pellets. Pick them up, Throw them away and wear socks with the boots.
Reply:Clean our boots out, put them on, and forget about it. My parents still own, and operate a small farm outside of Rotterdam Holland (as I%26#039;m writing this I%26#039;m laughing from the memories), and I can remember that just about every animal on the farm took a dump in our shoes at one time or another.
Reply:Dump the poop and get some simple green

from the drug store or from the hardware

it will clean them.
Reply:wash them with vinager. my sister threw up all over my suede boots and my mom washed them with vinager and it came right out. i dont know if you can use vinager on fur though

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