Monday, April 20, 2009

Whats in fashion this winter??? What clothes and accessories?

Like, what kind of sweaters/tops?

also, are babydoll tops still in? (for this winter)

And what kinda shoes? Fur boots i know.. but what about flats?

And what accessories? Long bead necklaces?

Whats in fashion this winter??? What clothes and accessories?
flats are totally in. babydolls started going out in the fall so i haven%26#039;t bought more. long bead necklaces are good but also lockets and other short necklaces. hope that helps!♥
Reply:Ugg Boots. Big, and Fury.

Sweaters.. the usual soft, nice ones.

Dark Jeans also.
Reply:ok.. first of all,

baby dolls are just slightly still in but are slowly going out... son i would say you should stop wearing those... and uggs are majorly in... flats are also very good. (IN) :P no (no long necklaces... chokers and big hoop earrings are in...

these sweaters are very in...

and tops like these are very in (also skinny jeans are amazing ha ha :P.)

but yeah these tops are awesome...

and these shirts... (sorta sweaters...)

hope this helps!!! *and a happy new year!!!~

Reply:Anything sweater - sweaters, sweater coats, sweater dresses, sweater boots. Check out some winter fashion trends on
Reply:Babydolls are cute with short sleeves, but not long sleeves.

Sweaters? Go with a hoodie type. Try JCPenney for those.

Flats are cute.

Accessories? Bright beads are a must in the dull winter weather.
Reply:black and white is very in right now.

also wool light coats. ya know the ones with the big collars and high waists and the big buttons. personally i think they are adorable. i have a brown one..
Reply:Cute Abercrombie and Hollister Knits are soooooo in so are UGGS, North Face Denali Jackets and studed earrings!
Reply:Well... babydoll tops are kindof Ugg boots or the fur boots are a definite IN lol Um.. ballet flat or the clogs are in for flats.. The beaded necklaces and big pendant necklaces are in... also hoop earings and headbands are in. Glad to help
Reply:shawtyyy had dem apple bottom jeans, boots with the furrrr....


But cute sweaters, like the kind you get at Express. Long coats are sexy, I like the color red. not to long, just up to your knees or higher. UGGs, or boots similar to them are in.

If you%26#039;re looking for a store to shop in




Forever 21

Accessories: Long necklaces that interchange colors with the you%26#039;re top. Or simple necklaces like silver chain with a nice big diamond...(fake!)

if this helps, please pick me as best answer! :)

Reply:vests are really in, cable knit sweaters are always a good winter thing, uggz, also skin-tight jeans
Reply:wear what u want.


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