Monday, April 20, 2009

Is he races or prejudice? and did he deserve that?

i remember when i was in high school 2 years ago this guy in my class would make sterotype comments about black people. he would say he does%26#039;nt like black girls who have drama and said i only dated one black girl in middle school. then he said i dont like long fingernails they wear or the fur boots. he said there ugly. then one of my new friends from college said he got in a fight with this guy. i forgot to mention the guy i%26#039;m talking about is hispanic. so anyways my friend went to the college to take a test and the guy bumped in to friend cursed him and then he saw my friend again and cursed him out somemore and put his hands on him then told my friend who was black in his face saying he does%26#039;nt like black people. my friend puched the guy and he told me the guy had a gun and was about to pull it out on the boy. after my friend beat him up he told him to get off of him. he deserved it cuz he was a jerk towards me in high school %26amp; other people. his gf has been cheating on him a lot.

Is he races or prejudice? and did he deserve that?
Dude, he%26#039;s hecka racist. That%26#039;s like, *scary* racist. Do you have any teachers/trusted authority figures that you can tell?

I don%26#039;t think anybody *ever* deserves to get beaten up, but this guy. . . He seems unstable. And he had a gun? That%26#039;s scary too. You really need to tell somebody.

And it%26#039;s not only black girls who have long fingernails and fur boots.
Reply:yea he deserved if an he just cant handle a black female thats y he was mad lol but im a black girl an in dont wear long fake nails an furr boots lol thats a steriotype... lol
Reply:i don%26#039;t have an answer for your question. i just thought that you would like to know that it is %26quot;racist%26quot; not %26quot;races%26quot;
Reply:wow, hes a douche, u shoulda called the cops.
Reply:best thing you can do when some one jumps on your race is to show them with the correct way that you are not. You would have helped him better undersrtand other cultures if you did not act the way he expected your race would.

So next time someone puts you with the rest of your race thats your chance to show them anyone actually that you are you and that not all races do the same thing. This would be a better eye opener for this person. now you just proved to him thats what he thinks you and your freinds are. that is not helping your culture.


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