Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boots? .. what are they called?

ive seen alot of people wearing a certain type of boots but i dont know what they are called or where to get them.

i dont think they are uggs but they are flat and it has fur on the top but its got like a flap thats folded outwards and the flap has fur on it. they mostly come in black or cream. please could anyone tell me the name of them or where to get them

Boots? .. what are they called?
i think your thinking of UGGS.

you can get them from


neiman marcus


%26amp;+ a lot more!
Reply:There was boots that fit that description from american eagle in the winter , they came in black, cream and brown. They aren%26#039;t for sale anymore though.

They could also be emu%26#039;s, they can fold over.

Or UGG%26#039;s, but they don%26#039;t fold over so well. But keep in mind Ugg%26#039;s come in many different styles, so these people could be wearing a different one.

Hope I helped :)

i think they are uggs?

they are overated
Reply:that%26#039;d be Muuuuuuugs

books title c

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