Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What are some web sites that i can find boots like what i want?

i really want some of those boots that are in right now. i kinda want them in white or black if i could and i dont care how much they are. i live in a little town that doesnt have them so could u give me some web sites that have them. if you dont know what they are there the boots with the fur on the out side. thanks!

What are some web sites that i can find boots like what i want?
I think there is a model made by Ugg that has fur on the outside, but I%26#039;m pretty sure it%26#039;s tan.






Hope this helps, and good luck!
Reply:boots.com hope ya find em
Reply:wat boots that are really in right now?
Reply:Two websites I have ordered from are www.shoebuy.com and www.shoes.com. And if you buy them and don%26#039;t like them, you can send them back for free. And the shipping is free on the websites. I have sent shoes back, with no problems.
Reply:I don%26#039;t know if there is a particular brand you want but the best way to find them is to google it...just type in a slight description %26amp; most likely something will pop up. When you google it you can also click on %26quot;images%26quot; so that you can view pics of it before clicking on the link to take you there.

I%26#039;m sure if they are the %26#039;in%26#039; thing you can look up any major department store (Macy*s, nordstroms, saks fifth, etc...)
Reply:If you don%26#039;t really care what price you can check niemanmarcus.com, saksfithavenue.com, and/or ugg.com. In uggaustralia.com they have them with the fur on the inside and on outside it depends on which model.
Reply:Well I usually shop for boots at Aldo, Le Chateu or The Bay. It doesn%26#039;t really matter where you shop at. If you like the style and the way it looks on you, go for it and buy it :) What kind of boots are you looking for anyways?
Reply:u mean uggs? http://www.uggaustralia.com/ProductsList...
Reply:Try :http://www.shoebuy.com/nicole.htm?cm_mmc...

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