Monday, April 20, 2009

Have you ever lived in a really cold place?

How cold?

I used to live where there%26#039;s lots of snow, -40C to -60C... when you have to wear two woool sweaters, two wool pants, fur boots, fur hat, fur long coat, double wool mittons, thick scarf, etc.

Guess where it is?

Have you ever lived in a really cold place?
Northern Canadian by birth, then moved to the Yukon, and North West Territories, so yes, I know cold.... Finally got smart and moved south....LoL
Reply:Thank you and stay South!...LoL..I only miss it at Christmas and then only for a few days....thanks again. Report It

Reply:I%26#039;ve lived in Cali all my life. I don%26#039;t think I could take a cold environment. I can barely stand the winter here! lol
Reply:Northern Canada
Reply:pfffft try melbourne
Reply:does Indiana count?

Now I live in florida. It gets chilly but not like the North East.
Reply:Alaska ?

are you an eskimo? that would be cool

I havent lived anywhere overly cold...
Reply:once this guy shuved me into a freezer!

books b

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