Monday, April 20, 2009

I feel bad for this guy..?

I went to my husband%26#039;s school today. He is a law student.

Today, I went and visited him. Left to use the restroom.

On my way out from the bathroom, I saw two guys standing talking. I walked by them. Next thing I notice, the other guy was following me as I was walking back to where my husband was. He was a law student doubling major in JD/MBA.

Anyway, he yelled %26quot;excuse me, do you know that song Flowrider%26quot; I said NO. %26quot;He said, Well, one of their song talks about THEM GIRLS ON FUR....%26quot; Now, I know what they are talking about%26quot; (I was wearing a Fur boots because it was cold outside). So I guess it was a compliment??

He proceeded by asking what my name was. He then asked if I was a law student as well. I can tell he was very nervous. I had to tell him I was not a law student and I was there with my husband. He just said %26quot;oh. We talked a little bit and parted from there. My question you think his feelings was hurt. Poor guy. I felt bad for the guy. I was very nice to him though.

I feel bad for this guy..?
He was trying to hit on you and didn%26#039;t realize you were already taken.

Don%26#039;t feel sorry for him. He will do just fine. He sounds like a nice guy who is having trouble finding a girlfriend. Since he was talking to another guy before he started following you, I suspect that the guys were talking about picking up girls and you walked by. Then one guy encourages the otherr guy to %26quot;go-for-it%26quot; meaning you... He tries his stuff with you and ends up feeling foolish.
Reply:I think it was a good thing that you were nice to him and talked to him anyways... I think that he would have felt disappointed, but i dought his feeling were hurt. If you had said something rude, then he would have felt embarrassed and disappointed, but i think you handled that appropriately... If you don%26#039;t mind my saying, i don%26#039;t feel sorry for the guys who come up and talk to you only to find out that you are married...I feel sorry for you!
Reply:I doubt if his feelings were hurt, probably more disappointed to find out you were married, obviously he wanted to get friendly with you.
Reply:He was probably disappointed that you had a husband. He was obviously trying to start a conversation with you to see where things would go from there. He%26#039;s probably moved on by now. You should as well. Lots of other people out there. Maybe you could start up a conversation with a stranger as well!

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