Sunday, April 19, 2009

Looking for these boots ....?

Well, awhile back my grlfriend had expressed interest in a pair of Timberland boots that she had found online. With Valentine%26#039;s coming up, I would like to get them for her. The thing is, the site that she showed me them on does not carry them any longer. First person to produce a link to the right ones, gets an easy %26quot;Best Answer.%26quot; Now for how the boots looked ... keep in mind it was over a month ago that she showed me them. They are from Timberland, winter boots, come up pretty tall, almost, if not, up to the knee. They looked as if they were made of a grey-ish sueded material on the outside with some fur type material around the top near the knee. They had a pretty good sized heel to them. I know it isn%26#039;t the best description but it%26#039;s what I remember. Thank You!

Looking for these boots ....?

there it is

that is the site

u can search for the boots there tho

good luck!! :)


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