Monday, April 20, 2009

Is this poem good i made it be honest its call Snow Crystal's?

Snow Crystal%26#039;s

Glittery Crystals,

Billions softly touched the earth,

No two alike,

As they fall from the sky,

Swirling down to the ground melting fast,

Like cotton candy on one%26#039;s tounge quickly melting,

The heavy breeze of winter in the wind,

I must be brisk to see them,

Shimering, in the windy air,

I run and make a snowangel not wasting a minute

of this beauty,

My scarf, mittens, coat, and fur boots keep me

warm as I hide from the nipping cold.

The frost white snow has blanketed the earth and

there is no sound. As the sun hides, the snow

sparkles with such beauty like thousands of

diamonds that sparkle when the snow glistens in

the moon light with help from the stars.

A blanket of wonder frosted in light

Falling Gently on a winters night.

Is this poem good i made it be honest its call Snow Crystal%26#039;s?
very nice i cant do that
Reply:That was lovely! You have a beautiful way with words!
Reply:very nice! i can imagine what you are describing in my head. ;]
Reply:That was absolutely fantastic! You should right a book of poetry!
Reply:yeah good enough to steal
Reply:Its a very beautiful poem and it makes me happy inside for some reason. Its a good poem for the contest.


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