Sunday, April 19, 2009

Coach Boots?

i%26#039;ve been looking all over the internet for a picture of the coach boots that look sort of like uggs, but have a fold over like fur top that has c%26#039;s all over it in black.

Does anyone know what i%26#039;m talking about, where i can buy them,or where a picture is.

Links please

Coach Boots?
Macy may have them...I dont know where you live but you can also try a store called Dillards..or you can just go to the coach store and ask may have to order them because they are an older model of boots...good luck
Reply:macy%26#039;s deinitley has them and same with dillards! those boots are so cute %26amp; you should definitley try to get them! lol. what you can do is to go to a coach store near you and they usually have a whole book of things like purses, boots, ect. which has other things that they do not sell in the store, but they have at their warehouses! hope you get them!


good luck!

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Reply:Macy%26#039;s definately has them. I was just there and I saw them in brown. I almost bought them too, but I was like real fur is out, faux is in.

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Seriously, they don%26#039;t.

Try small shops, not mass chain stores. They%26#039;re more unique.

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