Sunday, April 19, 2009

Know Any Kind of of boots that look like uggs?

Does anyone know any boots [give me the link] that look kind of like uggs. I would prefer them to have fur on them.... for juniors size????

Know Any Kind of of boots that look like uggs?
Here are ones that I found that loom lust like them..


quilted: [or]


Those don%26#039;t look EXACTLY like Uggs, but I think they are cuter.

Those are just cute...

Those are more simple like Uggs! On sale, too.

Those looks like Uggs...But they are expensive! Yeash..

Reply:well the ones at aero look EXACTLY like uggs but they are sold out on the website. they are still in stores though b/c i bought a pair.
Reply:why don%26#039;y you (gasp!) just buy Uggs? their totally worth the extra money!
Reply:emus are nice
Reply:I suggest fake uggs,

they%26#039;re really cheap and are just as nice,

Good luck !


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