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What is your favorite brand of boots? Tell me about your fave pair!?

I%26#039;m wanting to buy a new pair of boots. I don%26#039;t want anything really cheap, but not very expensive, either. Something less than $120-ish; the lower the better (but I realize you get what you pay for). Warmth is important but not extremely important (it gets pretty cold where I live but rarely snows). I like fur but I am picky about how it looks. I want these boots to be fashionable but hopefully go with %26quot;everything%26quot; (I am looking for brown, grey, and or natural tones, and some color is fine). I don%26#039;t want a high-heel; I want flat/comfortable boots (wedges might be okay). I want tall boots, however I do have wide calves, and I am hoping to be able to tuck my jeans into them.

So tell me about your boots! Are they comfortable? Do you get a ton of compliments on them? I%26#039;d love your advice and opinions.

What is your favorite brand of boots? Tell me about your fave pair!?
Do you REALLY want to know about my favorite and most comfortable boots??

This is kind of sad but here goes...

Bates comfortable they are perfect on my feet...heavy with laces and a side-zip for easy on and metal so they can pass through detectors...scuffed and worn...look like I need new ones but are still going strong.

No one compliments me on these boots...unless it%26#039;s another EMT. I wear these more than I wear regular shoes...even wear them in bad weather.

Reply:rockport or timberland boots
Reply:You should try timberland boots. You can get them mid calf, and they%26#039;re really warm and comfortable.

You should be able to buy them at any main shoe store(i.e. i live in London, so i go to %26quot;schuh%26quot;, which is great.), i wouldn%26#039;t buy them from the timberland site - it%26#039;s too expensive.
Reply:Ugg boots all the way!!

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