Sunday, April 19, 2009

Should the inside of the boots worry me?

My cousin%26#039;s birthday is on the 11th and all of her sizes are sold out so I went to my last resort :: eBay. I%26#039;m looking to buy a pair of UGG boots and the inside of the chestnut color is purely white. When the fur should be somewhat close to the chestnut color.

Should the inside of the boots worry me?
don%26#039;t buy from ebay. anyone could post a picture of a real ugg then give u a fake one
Reply:No, the inside of the boots are still gonna be warm and comfy so it shouldn%26#039;t matter unless you think they%26#039;ll be a fake pair because the seller is probably gonna take full money.
Reply:This could mean that the boots are fake. You might want to look into it and compare the inside fur to a real UGG, like a picture from the website to a picture from the seller on eBay.

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