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Do you agree that designer fur clothing is immoral(wrong)?

I mean the process to make the fur is horrible. They kill dogs, cats, and other animals with fur and make it into clothing or just the trim of a jacket. You may think its just like a bear but its actual a mixture of common domestic and wild animals so you wouldn%26#039;t be able to tell which is which.

They set traps and still do fur trading basically. They trap animals by cruel traps that snap on their necks and when the trapper comes to the animal they will literally step on its head or neck or back wearing boots on top of it until it suffocates and dies a horrific death.

my question is, knowing how cruel fur is, don%26#039;t you think its wrong to wear fur? also theres the factor of you can wear it innocently disregarding how its made although knowing.

Do you think it%26#039;s wrong?(not judging)

Do you agree that designer fur clothing is immoral(wrong)?
Yes! I think it%26#039;s horrible that people would kill animals simply for the sake of fashion... For food is a different thing because that is essential to survive, though it is not essential to eat meat which is why i am a but I know i can%26#039;t expect everyone in the world to become a vegetarian....Also, if that happened, the whole natural cycle would get pretty screwed up. Anyways, I believe the fur process is cruel and it is highly unnecessary nowadays for animal fur to be used as clothing. Also, it seems kind of ridiculous at times because of the prices and everything. It%26#039;s like saying %26quot;Oh! you%26#039;re an elite?, congratulations, you get to wear a dead fox.%26quot;
Reply:If you think it is wrong don%26#039;t wear it. Other people have a right to do as they please. What is definately wrong is trying to impose your idea of morality on someone else.
Reply:nOPE!!! If you%26#039;ve got it....FLAUNT IT!!!!!!!!
Reply:Well... IN MY OPINION, it%26#039;s okay to wear fur.

How come no one speaks up for cows, pigs, chickens, ducks being slaughtered for our benefit? They get slaughtered in a cruel way too.

But no, people are blind to see this side of the grass. What is it because it%26#039;s so furry and cute, you can%26#039;t stand it being slaughtered?
Reply:really cruel
Reply:yes it does seem wrong, but you also have to ask yourself...why do i eat meat if an animal was killed just so i can enjoy eating him...
Reply:I think it%26#039;s totally wrong to wear fur. Fake fur looks and feels just as real, if you%26#039;re into that kind of stuff. I%26#039;ll stick with my nylon and cotton jacket.
Reply:when it hurts the animal Of Course its very2 wrong...

I Love Animal.. except bugs..
Reply:Killing for food is problematic in my book, but killing for vanity is clearly immoral, especially if the killing is brutal.
Reply:some of you vegs have carrots stuck so far up your azz`s..lmao
Reply:Using Fur is being disgraceful, although many posh superstars and billionaires still like the touch of fur to their skin and although so many campaigns are going on against the use of fur, its not really stopping completely. There should be a LAW against using fur... Then it will surely stop...
Reply:Yes it is terribly cruel. I do not wear anything fur.
Reply:I think it is cruel, everything has a right to live
Reply:It%26#039;s horrible. Why would you ever need/want to wear fur?! It doesn%26#039;t even look good. Maybe if you were an eskimo or something...
Reply:i personally dont see it as wrong you can find abusers and horrible people in all walks and jobs
Reply:yes, i do think it%26#039;s wrong

(unless they were using the fur from an animal that was being used for other purposes

like, if an animal%26#039;s meat was going to be eaten,

then it would be resourceful to use the fur as well

unfortunately, that%26#039;s hardly ever the case)
Reply:it doesnt matter to me really because i%26#039;m not a hippy maybe you are but not me.and either way the animal is going to die so it dosent matter and it looks really cute sometimes.i think that you need to chill if you think its wrong!!!!!!!!
Reply:Sometimes, I looks nice and all but, it%26#039;s still an animal.

I%26#039;m mainly against it because it%26#039;s cruel and senseless. I%26#039;m no Peta freak, but you don%26#039;t NEED to wear fox (or whatever animal) gotta eat :o!
Reply:nope i think fur is fine
Reply:I 100% agree. I am very against fur. Its terrible, I dont even shop from stores who sell fur
Reply:What are you going to eat for Thanksgiving dinner?
Reply:A few weeks ago a local tv station showed how they abused animals in some countries...I felt so bad!! I never have bought a fur coat, and I never will. Ithink they need to stop making fur coats.
Reply:it%26#039;s absolutely immoral. How greedy can someone be? Gee, I think I%26#039;ll wear a hundred or so tortured souls on me. I%26#039;ll look fabulous. Every fur coar deserves a can a spray paint.
Reply:I don%26#039;t really think it%26#039;s wrong. I don%26#039;t mind wearing my leather jacket but that%26#039;s just making use of what%26#039;s left over from our hamburger in the grocery store. If they were to wear the fur on the inside to keep them warm it would be great! I don%26#039;t agree with slaughtering other animals just for their fur. We need to take some lessons from the American Indians. They didn%26#039;t waste one single part of a buffalo!
Reply:i am veg and i would never even think of wearing fur. but how ca you compare eating meat to wearing fur?? they are two totally different things. eating is nessicary(sp) to live so if animals need to be killed for food thats fine. but fur is a fasion statement not a need. wearing fur is like wearing an inferior humans skin. is that right??

Reply:omigoodness i didnt know this was the process. thanks for informing me. this is awful and detestable!
Reply:i couldn%26#039;t care less about animals. so anything that pisses PETA off is ok with me.

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