Sunday, April 19, 2009

How can you tell the difference between real or fake fur trims?

Besides looking at the tag. I bought a pair of boots (w/ what it says to be man-made trim) and they come from China. I%26#039;m worried that since fur goods coming from China are normally from animals who have suffered abuse, I was wondering how I can tell if it%26#039;s real animal trim or not?

How can you tell the difference between real or fake fur trims?
It says fake, it%26#039;s fake. Real fur would go into a higher priced market and not disguised with a fake fur tag.

Blow into fur. Look at what it is attached. You will see if fur is attached to fabric or hide. Hide cannot be machine washed either.
Reply:By feel. If its soft as silk then it real, if it feel ruff and looks like polyester then its fake. Also the way the light shines off of it, you will be able to tell. It will take practice but you%26#039;ll get the hang of it.

You must be a vegetarian, otherwise you would not be concerned on happenings elsewhere.

Source(s) Happens right here in the good ole usa everyday:

Most cows never enjoy a peaceful day in a grassy field.

Instead, cows raised for their milk are commonly confined to filthy sheds and barren dirt lots. They%26#039;re hooked up to milking machines several times each day and are given hormones and antibiotics. They are repeatedly impregnated until their weak bodies finally give out. Then they are hauled on filthy trucks, sometimes hundreds of miles, to slaughterhouses. When they arrive, they are hung upside-down, dismembered, and skinned—sometimes while they are still conscious.

Cows on factory farms urgently need your help. One of the priorities of PETA%26#039;s factory farming campaign is to open the eyes—and hearts—of consumers to the suffering of these sensitive animals. Can I please count on your support to help us expose the cruelty inflicted on these suffering animals?

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