Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why do so many females today dress sloppy?

I see tons of young chicks walking around today with their tight pants on that show underwear lines. WTF? Nobody wants to see that you have granny panties on. I also see chicks wearing these stupid fur boots...even in the summer time. Who told them they look hot in those boots? Do they know that guys laugh at them behind their back for wearing these stupid fur boots? Chicks nowdays don%26#039;t even shave enough. I%26#039;ve seen several girls lately wearing tank tops with dark armpits. It%26#039;s like they half-assed shaved. No hair, but there is like a dark black/greenish spot there, like a 5 o%26#039;clock shadow on their armpit. GROSS! Why can%26#039;t females today dress with a little bit of class? They complain about guys only wanting sex, but in a few more years we aren%26#039;t even going to want that off of them unless they get their act together.

Why do so many females today dress sloppy?
And how well do YOU dress when you%26#039;re out in the world?
Reply:Well to answer your question as I see truthfully, not all girls do dress that way. Your personal taste in style would affect what you think is classy, but not that i can disagree with unshaven legs or armpits, that bad hygeen, not necessarily style. It may be hard to see but I%26#039;m sure at least a few girls you know dress with class, and you%26#039;re not noticing because you%26#039;re looking to prove your point that yes, some girls today dress sloppily.
Reply:I spend a copious amount of time caring and grooming myself. I dress well and and don%26#039;t wear a tank top unless I have fully saved. I won%26#039;t even go out on Friday night, even if I wear jeans, unless I shave my legs. So don%26#039;t complain to me. If you don%26#039;t like it don%26#039;t look not all of us are that way and the ones who are more power to them.
Reply:LOL;s probably why their doing it, so in a couple years all the dawgs will be leashed!

they had to put up with the guys statred wearing those big baggy pants to their damn knees! we really enjoyed seeing what kind of boxers they were wearing.

In a few years, it will be men on men and women on women. it%26#039;s about time we found a way to cut down the population.
Reply:I dont even know what to say to that... other that you crack me up!!

The fact that you were thinking about that, and wrote a huge paragraph about it CRAcks me the f%26#039;up.

P.S. Those boots are hideous and girls are just retarded when it comes to fashion. I am a girl and I think some of the handbags, or big *** satchels they have and those BIG BUG sunglasses are retarded also!!
Reply:Maybe they dress like that because all the guys around them are losers and they want you all to stay the hell away from them. I%26#039;m not saying I dress like that, but I definitely DON%26#039;T dress the way I do because I care about what guys like you think of me.
Reply:Wow... I had no idea guys felt like that... Most girls just dress slutty like that to get guys attention, and because we think it looks good. I luv the fur boots, but I guess... I%26#039;ll stop wearing them.

Thanks for that!
Reply:Good Question!!!!!!!

but can u tell me ,do u like a fully covered lady ,(i.e she even wears a veil on her head),she maybe prettiest ,n intelligent too

Would Guys(like u) like her?

And I think Hygiene is very important (be it a guy or a girl)
Reply:Because us STRAIGHT men like it and promote it.

They don%26#039;t realize that it is what is the deepest factor in driving our sexuality and making us seem like we only want sex.
Reply:wow, you arent selfish rude or full of yourself at all. its our body. wow, in my opinion, you have to be one of the most conceitedly obnoxious jerks ever.
Reply:it is cuz some girls are lazy... personally i think its gross. and i have no idea why some girls think the furry boots are hot. cuz guess what, there aren%26#039;t
Reply:There is no excuse for a lack of fastidious depilatory hygiene. Only smooth and clean is acceptable.
Reply:ok. listen, someone is very critical. perhaps you should worry less about how they dress and more about who they are.
Reply:half the guys i no wear pants that show their freakin underpants, i dont see a problem with underwear lines
Reply:Because this is sadly the path society is going....
Reply:To draw people%26#039;s attention !!
Reply:you%26#039;re living in a slutty neighborhood.
Reply:its comfortable to put off quickly

now a days you get too less time to do too much
Reply:It is a la mode. Its not like there is rhyme or reason to fashion.
Reply:Dude, you just described me.

Jonh? Is that you?
Reply:where do you live?? no females be looking like that in California
Reply:They like to attract guys !
Reply:I in a way agree with you...

Its shocking now a says seeing what girls in my school wear...

Some girls don%26#039;t care...
Reply:bcaz of fashion
Reply:LMAO...Sorry I just had to laugh. I do agree! lol
Reply:what kind of answer do u expect people to give this question? lol
Reply:be nice. there are lotsa pretty girls.
Reply:where do u live? cuz in califronia girls dont do that they are more of a flip flop person and so am i =)
Reply:well i guess it is the style


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