Sunday, April 19, 2009

How can i get word out that china kills cats and dog for fur has info i desparetly need todo this?

ho do you handle the fact that animals arebeing killed in the worst hideous ways and we still need to take care of ourselves there is so little one can do explains the murder o cats and dogs for fur in china they[china] illegally sells us the fur 9nproducts that sell for less than 150.00 it does not need tostate origin under that price you may have purchased gloves boots coat collars and cat dog toys made with cat or dog fur wemust stop this for they are skinned alive there is no empathy or respect if the chinese treats animals like this how must they feel for humans?

How can i get word out that china kills cats and dog for fur has info i desparetly need todo this?
I hate the fur industry.

I watched a video about Jennifer Lopez (who I never could stand) about how she promotes and designs fur coats. It was awful. I can still see a totally skinned raccoon dog, I think they were called , laying in a pile of other skinned animals moving its head around and blinking. The only hair on its body was its eyelashes. It was just sickening to know that the animals are still ALIVE while they are being beaten over the head and then skinned.

Unfortunatly, the fur trade will be around for a long time. Alot of people are heartless and they just do not care what kind of torture an animal had to go through so they could be fashionable. Theygve the excuse that people were wearing furs since the beginning of time. Well, 1...when they killed an animal, they used every part of it. And 2..they wore fur to survive and keep warm. Now tell me, who is freezing in California (for i.e.) and needs to wear fur to survive??

I don%26#039;t really know what you could do to get the word out, other than making up some flyers with graphic pictures on them and hanging them here and there. Contact one of the Anti-Fur org%26#039;s and see what you can do to help.
Reply:I think it is horrible!!!

I saw a show not too long ago showing what they do with strays it was sickening for sure!!!!
Reply:dont be thinking that we are any better over here...

China is at least trying to slow its population down, the reason they eat cats/dogs is because there are so many people... eventually if other countries also do not slow their population growth down it will happen here too...

its not like we treat our food animals with great respect - have you been to a hen battery???

you drive a car right?? have you seen how many dead bugs are on front of your car?

lets face it animals suffer mostly because there are too many people.. China wouldnt be doing this if their wasnt somebody ready to buy what it is making...
Reply:i may be ignorant but i would rather have people wearing fur coats and the eating tray animals than catching disease and what ever else they spread... but thats if its strays if they are killing off woodland animals or other types just for fur then theres a problem
Reply:Yeah, and China kills people too. They don%26#039;t have a really good human rights record, so how do you think you%26#039;re going to stop animal cruelty around the world? We can%26#039;t even stop it in the US!!! Start in your own back yard - volunteer at an animal shelter.
Reply:present your finding in a report to the news im shure someone there will want to take credit for the story and put it on the air.


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