Monday, April 20, 2009

Does this make me a cold heartless person????

my friend told me I am a cold heartless person (joking while saying it)


I own many REAL fur coats (rabbit, fox,chinchilla) and fur boots

I am pro choice

I dont really care about animal testing (hey its going on are faces, why not test it out)

Im sorry but im just like that. Imm like the nicest person ever (she even said that) but she told me %26quot;i should be more considerate%26quot;

Does this make me a cold heartless person????
Of course your not heartless. Animals being tested for makeup cosmetics or what have you isn%26#039;t exactly right, but animals are killed/die daily, anyway. It%26#039;s not really great, but it%26#039;s not like if your against it or for it matters, it doesn%26#039;t make a difference, and it will still happen. Animals are animals, no matter how many fur coats or boots you have, as long as you don%26#039;t make coats out of newly born puppies, your fine :P No need to apolagize for something you believe in. I think your confusing cold heartedness with having different views on things than most others. Just because your different, doesn%26#039;t mean you cold hearted. Good question, though ;)
Reply:I totally disagree with you about every one of these things. But I don%26#039;t think you are heartless. Different people have different opinions. And I think people should put that into consideration before putting others down just because they don%26#039;t believe in what you believe in. I%26#039;m cool with whatever anyone thinks. =)
Reply:You have a right to your own opinion and beliefs. It doesn%26#039;t make you cold and heartless. Just because someone doesn%26#039;t believe the same as you do doesn%26#039;t automatically make you wrong or right.

However, when you list three items in a row that allude you not caring about fetal and animal rights, it does sound less than empathetic. I%26#039;m not making a judgement call here - just letting you know that might be the issue.
Reply:lol no, your not a cold heartless person. When it comes to animals people have different views, and when it comes to your opinion of pro choice just because your for it doesn%26#039;t mean your cold hearted. Do you feel you are cold hearted? because its the kind of thing only you will know about yourself.
Reply:no every one says stuff like this but what so we would never clear forests to save animals instead of a warm cozy home im not saying kill the animals but those that are grow to be test subject are severing purpose we all have a purpose in life and if we do not fulfil it none of us wat would get nothing accomplished no gas? no resources? because of ppl that Say save the rain forest I%26#039;m not saying destroy the earth ad everything on it just do what is need to keep us alive nothing more nothing less


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