Sunday, April 19, 2009

I want comfy boots, but not uggs. Any Suggestions?

I am looking for comfy winter boots.. something cute, but I feel like everyone has those classic UGGs, plus they%26#039;re so expensive! I don%26#039;t really like fur too much and I like simple styles. I like bowns, chestnut or something darker (not too dark, I would like them to look good with black)


I want comfy boots, but not uggs. Any Suggestions?
from your descriptions, i would still recommend uggs. they are the most comfy and warm pair of boots i have ever wore....i am on my third pairs now.....different style have different prices....and keep in mind they are worth every penny.....i recall having a pair of emu back before the ugg days and they did not last half the ugg it is....
Reply:Its all about the feet. A lot of females talk about shoes, but forget about the feet.. Maintain the arch in your feet by rolling a an of peas or something round underneath the ball and arch area of your feet. ( It will prevent your feet from going flat and help with support for your shoes.) Insoles are a God send! They provide your feet with cushion to prevent corns and bruising, so that you can stand longer in heels. What ever shoes or boots you decide, find something that goes with a lot of things and make you feel comfortable.
Reply:Here I found some cute ones

Hope you like them

They also have some in pay less
Reply:Good cuz uggs are sooooooo over!!!! um you can get them some cute boots from Bloomingdales and like any department store.
Reply:Rocket dog has cool boots,delias,alloy,I think most of these you can find online. Trendy and not too pricey.

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