Sunday, April 19, 2009

Okay so my UGG Boots gave me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

I got a pair of UGGS. Yes, they are real, I got them at Nordstrom for the full price. You see, I wore them a few times and now the fur has totally worn down.

Do you see the blue/grey kind? Where the blue meets the grey, the fur totally wore down. So now, it bends forward, thus rubbing on the back of my foot, right on my Achilles tendon.

If you don’t know where it is, check the pic.

I mean, what should I do? My foot was almost bleeding? Should I replace the inside? Send them to Ugg?

What do you think?

PS I don’t have the receipt.

Okay so my UGG Boots gave me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
i had the same problem with mine, if you wear them with a few pairs of socks that usually helps alot, I dont know what the climates like where you live but i usually thrown on about 6 pairs of sock but even a bandaid can help sometimes. I dont think UGG will take back your shoes. Beacuse it wasnt technically a manufacturing problem, they%26#039;d probably just say deal with it since it bent to the shape of your foot and the way that you walk..

Reply:Um. Who buys them?

Uggs are for noobs.

Reply:don%26#039;t ware them now. wait a few days and they should be fine.
Reply:same thing happened to me... you have to wear longer socks and/or wear a bandage in that area
Reply:People still wear those things?

Because they sure are UGGLY
Reply:stop wearing them maybe?
Reply:go back to where-ever you bought it from and see what they can do about it. maybe they%26#039;ll give you a store credit if you have the ugg box. if you bought it by credit card, you could bring your statement in to see if they can return it.
Reply:i would suggest putting a neosporin band-aid on that blister of your so it won%26#039;t get infected. hmmm what to do about those shoes.....maybe you could put those little socks on that only come up to your ankle. If that doesn%26#039;t help i would suggest calling ugg. there is obviously a problem with your uggs! good luck!
Reply:hmm.i have 4 of the real UGG boots..and none of them do that to me ? are they semi new??

well if you don%26#039;t have teh reciept...that could be hard then. could try and send them back though.all they can say is no.

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