Sunday, April 19, 2009

What are you supposed to wear with skinny jeans?

Other than fur boots, which I have, how else can I work these skinny jeans? It%26#039;s a waste of money for me to only wear them with my boots as I don%26#039;t wear fur boots everyday.

What are you supposed to wear with skinny jeans?
I only wear mine with boots or heels. I think they look weird with flat and sneakers. Sorry thats just my personal opinion.
Reply:platform stilleto heels or flats, kitten heels
Reply:they look really cute with flats also, this is also very %26quot;in%26quot; right now!

Reply:You can wear practically anything. Boots, flats, sandals, converses, etc. If they are athletic shoes try to keep them flatter and smaller.
Reply:heel boots
Reply:Sandals, boots over it, and flats.
Reply:Heels or metallic flats look great with skinnies and a fashion top. Hope I helped!
Reply:i can%26#039;t believe you women fuss so much about stuff like this and spend so much time and money :-)
Reply:I always wear mine with a tall leather boot. Then even look great with uggs or even a stellitto with a nice shirt for going out. Skinny jeans work with alot!
Reply:Flats work well if the weather permits. Maybe even ballerina flats. Heels always work with skinny jeans. Some high heeled mary jane%26#039;s would look good. 3 inch heel. Tall leather boots are never a bad idea.
Reply:FLATS!! They look so cute with skinny jeans. I absolutely LOVE skinny jeans, I wear them with flats. Their not that expensive, depends on which ones you buy. Some can be $20 and some can be up to $50-60. I personally am IN LOVE with the flats from jessica simpsons new shoe line. The ones that I bought were about $50. Hope I helped.
Reply:I either wear flats or converses

It depends on the look you are going for though

Flats are cuter and look nicer and are considered more girly

And converses are more informal but comfortable.

So its all up to you. I personally prefer flats though!
Reply:they look good with all tall boots as well as--

*ballet flats



Reply:I wear sneakers that look good. I also like Keds and Uggs that aren%26#039;t as expensive.
Reply:soft sole moccasins
Reply:skimmers! there are alot of really really cute ones. i usually wear a pair that are black, and have little silver stars on them with my skinny jeans.

you can get them at hottopic! or just about any shoe place, thats just my fav place to get them.

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