Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Should i get a pair of ugg boots like these?


Should i get a pair of ugg boots like these?
Go 4 it
Reply:those are darling.
Reply:those arent uggs. they are knockoffs
Reply:YESS i have them andi luv umm.......i think they r the best
Reply:Ughh ... another pair of cheap Ugg knock-off%26#039;s. Anyways Ugg%26#039;s went out of style last year.
Reply:Yea, they are super cool!! I have the same pair!!
Reply:Those boots are like very cute! you should get them very stylish and cute =0)
Reply:To tell you the truth i hate those boots they are soooo ugly!
Reply:get the tan, that color dirties fast, and it goes with everything, or chocolate
Reply:yeh why not, there nice. (:

and cheap to.

i love my uggs

Reply:why dont u just buy some real uggs
Reply:Go ahead :%26gt;
Reply:If thats what you really want...

I personally think that they are... ugly.
Reply:looks nice
Reply:YES!!! i betcha they%26#039;re really warm!
Reply:I think you should they are sooooooooooooo cute and they are also affordable. get them.


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