Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Where can i get cute boots...?

i want brown boots with some visible fur on them , but not really expensive because i live in texas and it doesn%26#039;t sta cold long enough ofr buying real uggs to be worth it

Where can i get cute boots...?
Try nordstroms or nordstroms rack, Macy%26#039;s, Dillard%26#039;s, jcpenny, or WWW.thewalkingcompany.com
Reply:E-bay or Kohls if you have one in Texas!
Reply:urban outfitters, free people, nordstroms, macys!!
Reply:your closet
Reply:Try www.zappos.com. I%26#039;ve never been there but I hear it%26#039;s great when shoe hunting.
Reply:american eagle.

before you make the trip out to the store

you can check out the website and see if

you can find some you want.

or just buy them offline

Reply:At american eagle

They have a little for .... but CuTe!


my freind has em!


if u go to the actual store, there will be more options
Reply:old navy
Reply:DSW, shoe carnival, rack room, shoes.com,

cuteboots.com; Macy%26#039;s.com. . .family footwear, payless, Dillard%26#039;s,
Reply:victorias secert! theyre having their semi anual sale right now so u can get a pair of super cute boots for cheap

hope im helpful

Reply:i dont no if u have rue 21 there

but they have rly cute boots

for rly cheap
Reply:from cute baby cows
Reply:American Eagle has boots in the winter time which are reallyy cheap.

Bear paws look like uggs but are cheaper.

There are also other fake uggs like EMU%26#039;s which are much cheaper.

Hope this helps! Goodluck =)

Then use coupon code endyear07 for 20% off, plus you ge another 10% off when you register.
Reply:from my room
Reply:wet seal (in the mall)


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