Sunday, April 19, 2009

Who makes stylish but snow proof winter boots?

I have been looking for some fashionable/stylish boots, with heels that are water-proof and lined with either fur, faux fur or fleece/flannel... My biggest problem my feet always seem to get very cold and wet as none of my boots so far have been able to take on the snow. If anyone knows of a good brand (not chanel please! can%26#039;t afford those! :) ) that would have somehting similar at a reasonable price would be forever grateful! :) Only other condition is I must be able to buy them online. Thanks in advance!!!!

Who makes stylish but snow proof winter boots?

A couple of links to start you off. I think you%26#039;re going to like the second one better.
Reply:check out ugg or lacoste
Reply:Mudd has some cute ones with fur and pom-poms.

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