Monday, April 20, 2009


Well I%26#039;ve been looking for a pair of pwetty fur boots for ages, where can I get some?. I%26#039;ve also been looking for some nice cowboy boots with studs or rhinestones on them in white, black or biege - Yeah they may not be in fashion anymore but for all you fashion sheeps%26#039; info I don%26#039;t follow fashion I have my own style and play by my own rules. All Help is appreciated!

this website has tons of cowboy boots...actually found this on yahoo =p
Reply:Where are you from? Can%26#039;t help you if We don%26#039;t know what counrty you%26#039;re from
Reply:Why don%26#039;t you go out and look for some?
Reply:go to line dancing and get the info from the yeee haaa%26#039;s - and slap your thigh with relish


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