Sunday, April 19, 2009

Do they kill sheep to make ugg boots?

how do they make ugg boots!!?!? i was just wondering what the outside is made of like sued or actual do they get the fur also?!?!? thanks a million!

Do they kill sheep to make ugg boots?
No. Sheep are killed for meat, either mutton or lamb, which many people consider a delicacy. The sheep used for sheepskin are also wool sheep that are old and no longer productive. But most sheepskin is a by product of the meat industry. If the outside didn%26#039;t get turned into sheepskin, it would go to waste and fill up landfills and dumps and pollute groundwater.

And since sheep die regardless, isn%26#039;t it better to put the skin to good use rather than to let it go to waste? Nothing will keep a sheep from dying eventually. And do remember that fake sheepskins and fake leathers are made from petrochemicals and plastics, something that%26#039;s far more toxic and kills far more animals to produce; including humans.
Reply:so sorry, dearie, they kill the sheeps and cows for your beloved uggs. I know, I used to want a pair but when i went to, I knew better.
Reply:It is pure Australian sheep skin, so yes, they do kill the animal to make the boot.

For the fur they just shave the animal, no killing involved.

By the way, suede is roughed up leather, textured for a softer feel. Leather= animal skin.

On the Ugg boots website and states how high quality their sheep skin is, but doesn%26#039;t state how they care for their animals. It says their sheep are clean, but just because they don%26#039;t have crap smeared on them doesn%26#039;t mean they aren%26#039;t abused.
Reply:Yes ,the boots are made of real........sheepskin.Yes animal skin and fur(real hair).There is cruelty involved all the way in this lucrative bussiness for Australia,included are the Uggs shoes .You can do something to save the sheep....I did........

%26quot;the trendy boot is made from sheepskin with the fur intact, not a wooly lining attached to a synthetic backing as Pamela Andersn thought for a long, long time. %26quot;

Buy friendly boots ,many companies are making this and are comfy and beautiful like real sheepskin(even cheaper).......if you have a pair of Uggs dont buy another and remenber were they came from :( and tell everyone......!

Remenber Pleather is better than leather !
Reply:I hope not.
Reply:Look here:
Reply:No, Not that I know of- I think they just shear them- like getting your dogs hair cut. I does not hurt them



  1. I was wondering if uggs are animal cruelty for my project but i couldn't get information anywhere.
    can someone help me?

  2. They are absolutely killed for sheepSKIN as well as wool. In Australia, where more than 50 percent of the world's wool originates, lambs are forced to endure a gruesome procedure called "mulesing," in which huge chunks of skin and flesh are cut from the animals' backsides, often without any painkillers. The only way to assure you aren't contributing to animal cruelty is by adopting a vegan lifestyle. Here are a couple links for more info about wool:
    ALSO CHECK OUT: ***Hope you found this helpful!***