Monday, April 20, 2009

WHy do people do this to other people????

Okay sooo me and my good pal Kare went to the movies and im waring the cutiest out fit..a long sleave teal shirt with a lace top under...light jeans and then some brown fur boots...

now these kids like my age 14-15 were standing in front of me and i hear the girl say and shes looking right @ me..I have that same shirt..and the boy beside her and the girl said it looks better on her..

it like im not the most anerxsite thing in the world

but it made me feel soo ugly compared to this girl..

its like i cant do anything to be pretty...

sooo just why to people do that

WHy do people do this to other people????
Unfortunatly most girls are catty and it doesn%26#039;t get much better as we get older. Don%26#039;t let nasty people like that define who you are. If you hear a comment like that in the future, just smirk to yourself and smile at your friend like %26quot;can you believe how rude they are???%26quot; And don%26#039;t give them the satisfaction of letting them know that their %26quot;dig%26quot; affected you. Its not easy to do, but if you learn to smirk at other%26#039;s rude behavior toward you it will make high school a lot easier. Good luck to you, don%26#039;t let those jerks bring you down, be pretty your own way and if others don%26#039;t like it let it be their problem.
Reply:teenagers are immature and just rude. I wouldn%26#039;t dwell on it. I bet you looked fabulous.

I know it is hard to get over something like that, but remember, You are you! To hell with them!
Reply:jerks, don%26#039;t let it bother you. Next time say

%26quot;Oh and they claimed it was original, I didn%26#039;t know K-mart carried this brand%26quot;
Reply:...they do it because they%26#039;re jealous of you. it%26#039;s that simple.
Reply:To make themselves feel better. I know, it happens to me, too. Yesterday I got called a ***** because I almost ran in to this girl, and it made me feel bad..
Reply:She would not have said it unless she were jealous. Take it as a compliment.
Reply:Let it roll off your back. People say a lot of hurtful things. They are stupid and insensitive to act like that. Or you could be sarcastic and say, %26#039;I know, she%26#039;s my idol. I%26#039;m trying to be just like her.%26#039; Then they won%26#039;t know what to think.
Reply:Some people put other people down to make them feel better about themselves, don%26#039;t worry about it I%26#039;m sure she was just jealous so her friend was trying to make her feel better. Don%26#039;t mind people like them, they%26#039;ll just bring you down =)
Reply:because (and i can speak from experience) they do it to make them selves feel better even when deep inside they know that that person is probably better than they are.. and plus if it was a guy that was saying that then he was probably trying to get into the girl%26#039;s pants.. and also.. it%26#039;s like the %26quot;calling yourself ugly or fat%26quot; most people believe it.. but some.. and i am in this category do it so that other people will compliment them.
Reply:Because they%26#039;re her friends. even if the most beautiful girl walked by wearing that shirt... i bet those guys would still say the same thing. Guys always say stuff like that.

And who knows, maybe she was jealous of you, and her guy friends noticed that, and just said it to make her feel better.

Don%26#039;t worry about it! Confidence will make you 10x prettier anyway.
Reply:because they don%26quot;t have lives and they know that your prettyer but they just dont say it.

they are rude.

did i mention that they are loser faces???


don%26#039;t worry about them i get made fun of.. even though i hang with the %26quot;coool%26quot; kids..(not to brag or abything :) )
Reply:well people do feel jealous.

if they did that, then u r probably looking really cute and hot, and they could not accept it.

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Reply:Some people honestly feel better when they put people down. I am only 22 now, but when I was 15 I was not pretty at all, I had acne, and I was so tiny and had a chubby face, and no boobs. But now, I am still short, but I work out and eat right, so my skin is nice and I got a boob job and now eveyone of those girls I used to be jealous of are fat and jealous if me and the guys all want to date me now.


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