Sunday, April 19, 2009

I need skinny style jeans to wear with tall furry boots....?

The boots are more like tall moccasins with laces up the front and fur at the top and along the edge where the laces come up the front of the boot. I work at American Eagle and tried the Straight %26#039;77 jean with them. Looks great but the boot won%26#039;t zip all the way up. I need to find a jean that will allow the boots to be zipped. Any suggestions or websites I can look at? Thanks :)

I need skinny style jeans to wear with tall furry boots....?
guess or express.
Reply:I just love Abercrombie %26amp; Fitch... I have several pairs of jeans... you should try these jeans...
Reply:hollister and macys mwah!
Reply:try express zelda jeans
Reply:apple bottom jeeans! (jeeans)

boots with the fuuurr! (with the fuuurr!)

the whole club was lookin at herrr!

she hit the flo! (she hit the flo!)

next thing ya know! (next thing ya know!)

shorty got low, low, low, low, low, low, low....

haha, sry i have that song stuck in my head!
Reply:Wet Seal,

Body Central,

I got my skinny jeans from body central. I don%26#039;t know if u have it where u are, but I love them.
Reply:try luckys they are PREFECT!

or try hollister or.......O! try citizens or true religions!
Reply:Try Pac Sun. I have a similiar type boot and their jeans worked for me.


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