Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Winter boots?

i want some of them winter boots with the fur. where could i buy some

Winter boots?
These are a few links below...
Reply:ebay... You can buy them new and prolly cheaper ..Ebay is not just for used items.LL.
Reply:get either uggs or emus. They are expensive buit you can fold them down and the fur insde is so soft. You can get them at Lady%26#039;s Foot Locker
Reply:ebay.com would ahev them just type it in...also anywhere really has boots with fur..Wal-Mart, Zellers, Sears Anywhere really just look around.
Reply:I saw some in a Lane Bryant catalog. Try looking them up on the net. %26lt;*)))%26gt;%26lt;
Reply:Sorels are the best.
Reply:anywhere really i see them all over the place
Reply:It depends on how much you are willing to spend if you want to spend just a little then payless or ross but if you want the good kind try a nice shoe department in the mall or look into macys or jcpennys.
Reply:Amazon or Ebay or a shoe place.
Reply:Dunn%26#039;s sporting goods
Reply:It depends on how much you want to spend. If you dont have alot of money go to Walmart or Target. If you have more money to spend go to Sports authority or a major shoe store
Reply:If you have a %26#039;Shoe Pavilion%26#039; in your area, they sell the most comfortable winter boots ever....BearPaws. (Ok, so they%26#039;re Ugg knock-offs, but they%26#039;re so comfortable!) BearPaws are reasonably priced, too.
Reply:If you want real Uggs, Try Von Maur, Macy%26#039;s, or Nordstrom

If you want other kinds, try DSW. They have some cute Rocket Dog ones.
Reply:Macy%26#039;s has some. I actually got mine from Burlington Coat Factory!

neimans and nordstroms?
Reply:i bought a pair of twenty dollar vintage chanel boots at a thrift store. you can find about anything at one of them!

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