Monday, April 20, 2009

What should i do! help!?

okay so i got fur boots from aeropostale for $60 for christmas their not fake uggs or whatever so u let my riend borrow them last friday and gave em to me on mon. but i had to go home right away afterschool so she put them in a friends locker[she deosnt have one] so on wedsday when we opened it the boots were gone so we found out the owner of the locker and said that she threw them on the hallway!!

so on myspace i asked her how could she threw em in there!! and she just said she thought it made it smell in there and i told her she bteer pay for it! and she told m,e sh deosnt wanna pay for my %26quot;fake uggs%26quot;

What should i do! help!?
I think you%26#039;re all at fault and should split the costs 3 ways. You shouldn%26#039;t loan out your shoes, your friend should%26#039;ve been more responsible, and the girl who found shoes in her locker, should%26#039;ve been more considerate of the property of people she shares a locker with.

If she won%26#039;t pay 1/3 then you should talk to her parents and calmly explain the situation to them and ask for the money.

If your friend refuses then you could talk to her parents too.

But really, you get yourself into these situations and you%26#039;re at least partly to blame. Just say no next time someone asks to borrow your stuff. Especially if she doesn%26#039;t have her own locker.
Reply:tell your parents, and tell her it was not right for her to throw them out. but don%26#039;t freak out on her because then she will get very mad and not pay. talk it calmly but don%26#039;t let her forget she needs to pay. i hope that helped and best of luck!
Reply:tell ur mom bout it, be mad at ur friend or watever, save to buy new ones
Reply:Report it too the school director and let them find a solution ... in my opinion your friend should pay for them since she borrowed them and was responsible for them ... On the other hand don%26#039;t borrow stuff to others because MOST of the time you don%26#039;t get your stuff back, or it is damaged, scratched etc ... This is especially true with money and has ruined more friendships than you can imagine ! Good luck finding them back ! PS. Why not put up a Wanted poster with a reward on the notice board ?
Reply:Looks like you%26#039;re out of luck. If she won%26#039;t agree to find them or repay you for them, you have very few options. It%26#039;ll cost more to file a small claims lawsuit than they are worth.

Maybe People%26#039;s Court....
Reply:i think you shouldn%26#039;t trust her anymore........ maybe she%26#039;s the one who has the boots but said she put them there.
Reply:the one that should pay for them is your friend that put them in there not the other *****. but check the lost and found if not then get the help.
Reply:Try telling your mom to talk to hers and my be they will soot things out right.
Reply:you should stay calm and be the bigger person. That will make things easier to clear up talk to her in person and come to an agreement and next time dont lend your stuff.
Reply:Ask your friend to pay for hem. If she says no, get your parents and principal involved.
Reply:Tell the office and get your parents involved and problem will be solved quickly.
Reply:well there is nothing that you can do about it, you will have to learn from your mistakes. dont let people borrow things, your friend should of been smart enough not to leave something valuable at school when youns knew it was going to end up missing or whatever. she should of just kept them until you had a place where she could give them to you so she knows that you are the one that got them..... this is called being responsible
Reply:tell this girl that it wasn%26#039;t very nice what she did and she should at least pay for half of it. if not, tell your advisor or homeroom teacher or somebody else that can tell her what she did was very wrong.
Reply:tell your parents.
Reply:The person who found them in her locker isn%26#039;t responsible............the person who put the boots in someones locker is the one responsible............she should pay for them. The girl who found boots in her locker that she didn%26#039;t put there just took them out of her locker because she didn%26#039;t want her locker to smell................she didn%26#039;t know whose boots they were and i would have taken them out of my locker too because of smell.
Reply:What a cow!

It doesnt matter how much they cost, or weather their fake or not she shouldnt of done that.

I take it your friend told the friend with the locker that she put the boots in? Even if she didnt the girl with the locker should of atleast put them in lost property. This is riduclous!

Demand she pay for them! wether you found the boots in the end or not, that was nothing less of a selfish act she performed.
Reply:Are they really real?

You should go talk to a parent but be cautious cos parents can go pretty far. Do it only if your confident.

Otherwise, go talk to that girl and make an agreement. Try not to start any fights.
Reply:the friend who put them in there in the first place should pay for it, it was her responsibility to put them in a safe place

the girl who the locker belongs to is just a b**ch
Reply:You should tell your parents

You should confront the girl and say they arent fake and she needs to pay for them

You should talk to her parents(if you can)

Call her a stupid bi**h and slap her (optional)


Hope I helped
Reply:Could you get your parents to talk to her parents? sometimes an adult can get things done easier.
Reply:I think that if you are 100 % sure it was her, make sure you get the money back or tell her that you may get the cops involved.

I would be so pissed if someone called my shoes fake uggs , coz fake ones only cost lie $15 anyway!

Goodluck Whatever you do
Reply:Get your parents involved or school officials.
Reply:check the lost and found :-P
Reply:omg! how could u be treated like that???

definitely go talk to her about it, and if she doesn%26#039;t agree to do that at all, go find out her parents number, and call them about the situation, so sry about ur problem! but just one word of advice: try not to trust ppl u don%26#039;t very much, and be more responsible and careful! hope this helps, plz make it the best answer!
Reply:man wut a bleech if i wuz you ill go up to her and punch her in da face and steal her money! jk lol!
Reply:Go back and buy another pair of the fake Uggs.
Reply:Tell the girls parents. And maybe even tell a teacher at school. No way that worthless piece of crap is getting away with this!!! NO WAY!!!

Sorry about your aunt. :(

Hope you get your uggs back.

Dude, i think i saw those at the store. There so cute!!!!! OMG, U BETTER GET THOSE SUCKERS BACK!!!!!!!!!

Good Luck go get that worthless piece of crap (lol)
Reply:Sister, the bible says if the enemy took your stuffs. let them take it . If they wannt your jacket. also give them you pants! God will give you much more than that. And she doesnt deseve to be your friend. You are a great person. and you are in the light. She is in the dark and devils made her to did that to you! Devils come to this earth to kill to desoty and to steal. but we have Jesus chirst. By faith we are saved. dont worry about your boot. God will help you .! also i will pray for you. God will copmfort you, he will help you the solove your problem. becuase everything is POSSIBLE to him!!

Keep praying and iam here for you ! I love you sister!

god bless you.

Reply:get ur friend to talk to the other girl, and in all honesty if she wont pay you back your friend who borrowed them should pay, harsh but if you are going to borrow something you have a duty of care of what happens to what it is you borrow.

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