Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cute and waterproof winter boots?

Does anyone know of some boots that are waterproof that I could get for this winter? I want to stay warm when walking to class (at college) but I don%26#039;t really want a fur lining that could make my feet too hot in class. I%26#039;d like something that isn%26#039;t super-bulky.. but that is actually cute! I%26#039;d like something flat and stylish, too. Ugg-style boots tend to be too hot for during class and such...

Is this too much to ask?

Any ideas?

Cute and waterproof winter boots?
I love keen shoes/boots. And usually wear them with my smart wool socks. keep my feet nice and toasty warm and dry. Keen usually comes in tons of great colors. I have red ankle height laces ups. I used to wear a lot of timberland shoes as well.

They have reeaallllyy nice boots. Like leather boots and stuff, omg they have it all :)
Reply:these are cute and they dont seem too warm

these are nice... more plain but good
Reply:almost any type of leather boots
Reply:Get some pink tims. Those are the best boots out there, ugg%26#039;s don%26#039;t even come close. Timberlands all the way!

You don%26#039;t have to lace them up all the way, so they%26#039;re comfy indoors as well as out.


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