Monday, April 20, 2009

What's YOUR most favorite outfit?

My favorite outfit is my yellow layered shirt, my black leggins, fur boots, and a black mini-skirt. I was just wondering, what%26#039;s yours?

What%26#039;s YOUR most favorite outfit?
Here is are my favorite outfits: I love them all and I have all of them that I%26#039;ve shown you on polyvore.

Honorable mentions:

Hope you love them too.
Reply:my leopard dress with raindow leggings with purple 12 inch high heels, 4 inch loop earings is sooooo totally my fav outfit.
Reply:All my layered clothing.

Which I just realized is pretty much a whole wardrobe.
Reply:white sweater %26amp; black pants

dark denim and pink satin shirt

dont really have a fav per se , love the whole wardrobe
Reply:black v-neck shirt with a red tank under,skinny jeans with a red belt,and a pair of black/citrus/red air jordan 7s.
Reply:im preppy, so i like anything from abercrombie, %26lt;333 american eagle, hollister, aero, vineyard vines, vera bradley!!!
Reply:wow...........are u blonde???

bc there is no such thing as most smart
Reply:Mine is my halter top dress with pretty blue black and white flowers.
Reply:leggings. long tee short with something to do with peace. and converse. sometimes boots with not real fur.

real fur is gross. dead sheep. how could u?
Reply:Before my favourite outfit I would imagine ....................... %26amp; say that you would looking smart .............. %26amp; mine is blue jeans %26amp; white top
Reply:I don%26#039;t have a favorite outfit myself.

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