Monday, April 20, 2009

Does anyone no where i can get some cheap??

White fur boots?? I need them for halloween i%26#039;m being a eskimo, and i need them to be white not off white, can%26#039;t find any. I just don%26#039;t want to pay much cause i%26#039;m only wearing them once...Thanks!!

Does anyone no where i can get some cheap??
Hey there!

Here are some boots!
Reply:I think that Marshall%26#039;s shoe department sells them, I saw them there once, about 2 weeks ago at the one in Middletown, Connecticut.
Reply:Stores you can buy them at:


J.C. Penny



If you can%26#039;t find shoes:

makes some! take an old pair of white, plain boots and glue feathers or cotton balls on them! lol it sounds silly but it%26#039;s really cool.
Reply:payless has some knit boots. but not fur..

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