Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where can i find boots?

i want a pair of boots. just casual ones. i would like ones that are all fur on the outside. or like really cute unfurry 1s. watever u thinki would like . but nothing like formal.if you know where i can find a pair for under $100. oh ya in 13 so nothing old lady

Where can i find boots?
try ugg boots or boots that look like uggs for 30 dollars at a payless, charlotte russe, basic.
Reply:uggs- u can find some under 100

a pic:


another from aeropstle:

american eagle:

another from american eagle:
Reply:go to BEST SHOES EVER! or American Eagle or

I%26#039;m 14 and I love these boots. The UGS slippers are really popular at my school, at my school we wear the ones with fur around and on the top of them. I also like the sweater boots and the classic UGS

I hope this helps =)
Reply:marty%26#039;s has [fake] uggs for twenty bucks
Reply:Here are some I found!

I%26#039;ll look for more if this isnt what ur looking for!
Reply:enlist in the marine corps
Reply:urban outfitters has some really cute ones, um...delia%26#039;s, and try dillards or nordstrom
Reply:go to a timberland store
Reply:You should get some UGG boots they are really cool and look great in skirts or with you denim%26#039;s tucked inside. =] They are all the latest fashion and also keep your toes nice and warm hehe. I think that you would like them too. Hope this helps darling. Byeee xx


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