Sunday, April 19, 2009

I want Ugg Boots sooo bad!?

Ok,I was at Nordstroms earlier today and me and my mom were walking around and we passed the ugg boot section.She said,%26quot;these are cute.%26quot;and set them down and said,%26quot;well we can%26#039;t wear them here%26quot;.She sounded kind of interested.She bought me a jacket from abercombie that was $130 that was lined with fur and filled with down but she won%26#039;t let me buy Ugg Boots with my own money?Blah!Well I%26#039;m getting them in 2 weeks and I was just wondering if you could answer questions that come across Ugg Boots alot.And if the cleaning and repellent stuff works too.Thanks a million!

I want Ugg Boots sooo bad!?
I love uggs they are so comfy. Before you wear them I would spray them with a stain repelent-helps a lot to make sure if anything happens you can get out stains
Reply:omg u say uggs are $130 at Nordstorm,wait till u come to Canada, its $250!thats why i%26#039;m getting mine down in the states! Report It

Reply:I thought Uggs were on their way out...

I hoped they were anyway.
Reply:Where do you live?
Reply:i boughtt my ugg boots liek a year agoo lol veryy comfyy ;] lol
Reply:i absolutly LOVE my UGG boots! I have the Tall,Chocolate boot and they have sooooo comfy. They were $175.00 and there worth every penney!!!


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