Monday, April 20, 2009

Should I stop??

I would like to say that I have good tatse in clothing.. in fact.. i really know I do.... and, when I see people who just can%26#039;t coordinate their outfit choices... It kindof pisses me off... Like, I%26#039;ll be walking at the mall and I see this girl wearing these horrid fake Ugg fur boots with big honkin balls dangling from them.. DON%26quot;T GET ME WRONG.. im glad shes choosing FAKE fur.... instead of harming the poor sheep!!! But seriously... have some taste... Do you think it is my duty to tell these people who don%26#039;t obviously own a mirror what their faults are??????....

maybe I could drop a phrase like..

%26quot;ew tacky%26quot; or %26quot;Skank face%26quot; as i walk by them?..... plz help....

and don%26#039;t be rude... its just a question...

Should I stop??
People have different tastes.

I see women in the stores with clothes on that I%26#039;d never wear. I have very nice taste, but I know there are people who wouldn%26#039;t wear what I choose to wear because they just have different taste, I know, too, that for everyone I see who is wearing something I don%26#039;t approve of there is someone who sees me and isn%26#039;t approving of my choice (regardless of who has %26quot;technically%26quot; better taste).

When it comes down to it, it is pretty small-minded of anyone to pay too much attention to who is wearing what. One of my old sayings is %26quot;There are children starving in India%26quot; (in terms of putting what%26#039;s important in life in perspective).

The world has people in it who are trying to cure cancer or other horrible diseases, end hunger, do something about global warming, figure out ways to improve the educational system, care for their dying mothers, or help their children with retardation learn and be independent, and on and on and on. (One thing to note is many of these people are not blessed with the %26quot;all important%26quot; good taste in clothing.)

When you die, what would someone write on your headstone - %26quot;Here lies someone who didn%26#039;t wear fake fur boots with pom-poms hanging off them.%26quot; ? !!!!

Be very grateful you are someone who has two working legs to walk through the mall on because not everyone does. Be grateful you have two good eyes to see those ugly boots because not everyone does. Be grateful for whatever good health you or your family has and figure out some way to find something more important in life to be worried about than what someone else wears. For all you know that person with horrible boots on has a far better heart and/or mind and/or soul than you have; and if, by any chance, there is any judging to be done in this world or in any life that comes after I can tell you that fur boots are the least of anyone%26#039;s problems.

Your %26quot;duty%26quot; is to worry about you and only you. If you ever have kids then it will also be your duty to worry about them - their health, whether they have intelligent minds, and whether they are people who know what is important in life.

Sorry for the lecture, but this question just begged for it.
Reply:Thanks for the vote. I had no intention of trying to put anyone in their place - just kind of thought some little version of %26quot;wisdom%26quot; was called for. Report It

Reply:I%26#039;m sorry, but you just can%26#039;t do that. If you know the people, give them casual hints. But if it%26#039;s some complete stranger, then it%26#039;s not really your job. Maybe they just have different personal style than you do. I wouldn%26#039;t wear those big, furry, snowboots that make you look like an animal, but other girls might. It%26#039;s really up to the individual what they wear, and it%26#039;s not your job to tell them not to wear it.
Reply:stop, please stop. It sounds like you are an obnoxious control freak....stop
Reply:No you should not criticize someone else%26#039;s choices. I do not like those boots either, but they might. Everyone has there own taste and it would be very rude for you to comment. Keep you opinions to yourself. Someone may not like what you wear, would you want them to tell you!!!
Reply:well it is kind of rude.maybe shes just not from around there.or her mom makes her dress that way.
Reply:you cannot do that; people have diffenent tastes regarding fashion; maybe many people find your style i would pass by and keep the taughts for myself as long as you are not very close related to him/her in order to be able to give advice.

I tried to advise my friend to stop wearing a horrible hat, people gossiped in school about her hat..but that didn%26#039;t help either....if she wants to wear sth she would do it no matter what...

i also like to look at people%26#039;s outfits...but still...i cannot tell them...i just take them as a bad sth i would%26#039;t wear for example.
Reply:i feel you on this. i totally understand and im on your side. i hate Uggs with denim skirts too. ICKY!

but dont say anything, cause then that makes YOU look bad and childish and insecure. you can just look at the boots and laugh if you arent scared of getting punched in the face.

so i would say, if you absolutely HAVE to say something, do that.
Reply:its not your place to to tell people what they should wear maybe they fell the same way about you and its completely rude to say something like what you said above its none of your business what people wear
Reply:That%26#039;s rude.

Why do you care what other people are wearing?

Do you feel you have to wear it because they are? Well you don%26#039;t so honestly just grow up and get over it.
Reply:i so agree with u go girl i soooooo understand keep up the good work and thats my fav word skank face love it u rock lol
Reply:Please stop.I m not agree to read ur long story.
Reply:I know how you feel but the best thing to do is stay quite and try to aviod hurting anyone%26#039;s feeling, everyone is different and some people just don%26#039;t have fashion senses! Just be thankful that you do! If you feel the need to express this side of you, try looking into become a runway critic or fashion show organizer! Good luck!
Reply:wow you seriously need to grow up.

in your eyes you think you have good taste in clothing but thats not wat everyone else thinks. its just ur opinion.

wat if you think you have horrible taste in clothes and im have excellent taste.

you wouldnt want me to come up to get and say %26quot;OMG, where did you get those boots? BED BATH AND BE HIDIOUS%26quot;

hokay im finish talking. %26amp;%26amp;merrychristmas loser
Reply:I think you take pride in your looks but it is none of your business what others wear.
Reply:why dont u just ask them if they have a mirror or if they looked into the mirror today or could just flat out tell them they have no taste in fashion and they look horrible

i like the phrase skank face now i have something to call my ex


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