Monday, April 20, 2009

What do you wear to a DANCE club when its COLD???

i havent been to the clubs since the summer

%26amp; ive never been to the clubs during the winter...

so i was thinking about wearing my fur boots

but with what?? tight jeans?? yea yea but its kinda hard to shake ur @ss in tight jeans! lol!

i mean hell do you think people would look at me crazy if i walk up in there with furr boots %26amp; shorts?? hahaha or how bout a dress??

What do you wear to a DANCE club when its COLD???
Well, to be fair, you%26#039;ll only be cold when you%26#039;re outside waiting to get in, so wear what suits you. Also, you%26#039;ll get hot inside anyway from dancing, so you won%26#039;t want to wear fur boots really.

If you really don%26#039;t want to be cold, wear a coat and leave it in the cloak room at the club!.

Have a great night out,

L x
Reply:I think shiny clothing looks great under the dance club lights. So if I were you, I wear a top with sequins or a top that has a metallic color. If you think you%26#039;ll be cold in the club, wear a long sleeve sequin or metallic top. If you think you%26#039;ll get hot in long sleeves, wear a tank sequin or metallic top and just bring a coat with you.

Click on the sources I gave you below, I think that outfit would look great in a club. It%26#039;s a sequin dress, black leggings to wear underneath, and some shoes. (Of course, if you don%26#039;t like heels, you can get some flats to wear instead)
Reply:I say keep the boots on! hell with them! even it%26#039;s cold, it%26#039;s gonna be hot in there, cos u%26#039;re hot!

if u decide to wear the boots, I think u can match it with mini jeans skirt and off shoulder blouse with long sleeves, do the pony tail and wear a big hoop ring! awesome!

but before entering the club, wear your best coat, then open it when u%26#039;re in there. it%26#039;s easy!

U can wear dress if it%26#039;s an A class club, match the fur boots with couple of big bangles, and a nice clutch bag.

well, good luck and have a nice dance :)
Reply:Well winter time never stops me from wearing a mini skirt and tiny top during the winter, haha, but if you%26#039;re uncomfortable with it here%26#039;s my suggestions... If you%26#039;re wearing fur boots it%26#039;s okay to wear a short skirt. I don%26#039;t blame you for not wanting to shake your *** and get all hot and bothered in tight jeans. Also, you can wear a sexy knee length skirt with slits up the side so you%26#039;re still somewhat covered and it%26#039;s not super summery. But don%26#039;t wear boots with that, wear black heels and a cute top.
Reply:Whatever you want and check your coat. Most people brave it and still wear skimpy to the ultra-chic clubs. Others might wear skinny jeans and such to the clubs that aren%26#039;t so fashion-forward (and aren%26#039;t strict on dress codes).

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