Sunday, April 19, 2009

What do you think of fuzzy boots??

like with the fur on the top (folded so it%26#039;s showing)

this girl got teased by a guy becuase they were %26quot;eskimo%26quot; boots and she was %26quot;an eskimo%26quot;

that was sooo mean!!! and now she wants to return them.

so what do you think??

What do you think of fuzzy boots??
I think that girl shouldnt listen to that guy cuz i think those boots sound cute- what do guys know about girl fashions anyway- my brother was like %26quot;r u actually gonna wear that weird looking shirt?%26quot; cuz he didnt know what a babydoll top was. i didnt listen to him cuz he doesnt know anything about fashion.
Reply:theyre disgusting!
Reply:Love em%26#039;
Reply:I think she should wear what she likes. What%26#039;s so horrible about %26quot;eskimo%26quot; anyway? It%26#039;s not a soul-crushing insult.
Reply:i personally dont like them because they wouldnt look good on me...

but i can see it on an eskimo (no offense) person...

thats so mean she shouldnt care what other people think and who cares they keep her feet warm and thats what matters and if there like uggs or similar thats style- and shouldnt be made fun of.
Reply:tell her one native to another keep those things that is of her people,to keep her head up high and to forgive the ignorance of others.tell her also%26quot;keep those boots%26quot;
Reply:OMG NO!! dnt rtrn thm!!! thyr super cute!! %26lt;33%26lt;3
Reply:like when you have uggs and you fold them down??
Reply:I like fur boots! (well fake anyway)
Reply:I think fuzzy boots rock!
Reply:it depends on how fuzzy. i like em tho. most gurls at ma school wear uggs, but i like em. ive seem some runway shows w. fuzzy boots. tell her to feel so bad. its not the end of the world.
Reply:I personally don%26#039;t like those kind of boots.
Reply:why would that be mean to call someone an eskimo?? are eskimo gross people or something???

those boots are cliche and bad style.
Reply:I like eskimos.
Reply:i love them
Reply:i love those boots, dont care wat other peopel say

is that girl u
Reply:She should ignore him. Guys don%26#039;t know anything. They are really cute!
Reply:Honey you shouldnt take what a guy says to heart most guys are jerks like that and just wanna show off if you like those boots keep them and i bet there gorgeous on you dont let no lame guy who knows nothing about fashion tell you therwise you keep them and wear them!!!

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