Sunday, April 19, 2009

Where could I buy cruelty free winter knee high boots?

I would like something similar to mukluks but without using any animal skins or killing the animal for skin. I really like alpaca hair (fur) items or anything currently available- anything but itchy wool! Also fairly traded items or sweatshop-free.

I really want a quality boot that is waterproof, warm and cozy for heavy snow in Canadian winters.

All I want is possibly any store names in the GTA area in Canada and their location + any online stores (located anywhere in the world) of winter boots that suit the above description.

Where could I buy cruelty free winter knee high boots?
Leather and knits will not be waterproof. Leather will keep the snow off but in above 0 temperatures they will get wet. Knits will not be waterproof at all.

Now we all know the GTA does not get real Canadian winters. Except for today%26#039;s snow storm. hahahaha

Keeping your feet warm and dry and looking good will be a struggle. Look up some camping stores in the area and try Mark%26#039;s Work Wearhouse.

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